The Scripps Polar Center

brings together scientists from the three research sections of Scripps who investigate everything from ocean physics to ice sheet and glacier dynamics to the ecology of the organisms that live at the poles. Formation of a Scripps Polar Center aims to greatly enhance and strengthen these activities, creating the conditions necessary to address the complex questions that we face today in the polar regions and to train a new generation of scientists capable of interdisciplinary research.

Rapid changes are taking place now in Earth’s polar regions. In the Arctic, sea ice cover is shrinking which affects the planet’s albedo, its capability to reflect sunlight back to space. The Greenland Ice Sheet and the Antarctic Ice Sheet are both losing ice to the ocean, causing sea levels to rise. An interdisciplinary approach is needed to understand polar regions in all their complexity at a time when climate change is destabilizing the Arctic and Antarctic regions faster than anywhere else on Earth.

The physical location for the core of the Scripps Polar Center is in MESOM, 2nd floor.

There are four main themes in polar research being undertaken at Scripps:

A primary goal of Scripps Polar Center is Community Building:


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